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If you have an animal stuck or living in your chimney, you’re probably wondering how to get rid of it. You may also be worried about hurting it if you try to help it out. Our chimney sweep in Feasterville, PA will keep your chimney clean so animals are less likely to get stuck in the first place. Here’s what you should do if you think there’s an animal in your chimney: 

What Type of Animal is It?

Many different types of animals have been found to build homes or get stuck inside residential chimneys. The first step to take is to try to identify what kind of creature is there. If you can hear squawks, chirps, or flapping noises, it’s likely a bird or a bat. Other mammals, like squirrels and raccoons, will make scratching, clawing, or sniffing noises. Identifying the type of animal you’re dealing with can make it easier to help it out of your home.

Some animals seek refuge from predators in chimneys and fall inside, unable to gain traction on the slick interior to climb back out. Other animals seek the closed-off space as shelter and begin to assemble nests. These animals will likely only be heard in the morning or the night, so listen closely at those times of day if you suspect something is living in your chimney. 

Call Animal Control

If you’re worried about harming the creature, try calling animal control. These types of professionals are trained to take care of animal emergencies. This means you won’t have to worry about harming yourself, your family, or an innocent animal.

Hire Chimney Experts

You can prevent animals from becoming stuck in your chimney by keeping it clean. Once the animal is safely removed, contact Above All Chimney & Masonry for a chimney cleaning in Levittown, PA. Our chimney cleaners will remove any debris left, and also add a chimney cap to prevent wildlife from returning without trapping any smoke. Professionals can also identify any structural issues that may have allowed animals in, or that the animals may have created. Regular chimney maintenance will ensure your chimney is safe and animal free! 

Contact the Chimney Professionals

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