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Homeowners love having masonry structures as a cornerstone outdoor feature on their property. Why is masonry so popular? Well, a brick structure has a long life cycle. Many of those brickworks are still standing after being built a century ago. And natural stone is an ideal material for a backyard fireplace.

Despite being durable, masonry structures are susceptible to damage that needs immediate attention. At Above All Chimney & Masonry our masonry repair service experts in Langhorne, PA can help with your problem. They can restore the brickwork and protect it from the outdoor elements.

Here are common causes of masonry damage:


Moisture is a recurrent cause of masonry structure damage. Problems occur when water finds its way into a crack in the brickwork. The temperature change will force the water to expand and affect the foundation’s durability. If left untreated, the walls of the masonry structure will lose their strength to withstand harsh weather conditions. Moisture poses a threat to masonry structures but also to other materials (wood, metal and glass) used in construction. Implement a moisture control plan that prevents expensive repairs. Also, schedule monthly inspections, especially if your area has inclement weather during the winter months. Time is of the essence, as failure to act could result in extensive structural damage.


Cracking is the most common cause of masonry damage. Father Time is the culprit as the age of masonry combined with the outside weather conditions will cause cracking to form at an accelerated rate. Often, it is the result of moisture penetration into the structure. Other factors that could cause cracking include flooding, tornadoes and earthquakes. All challenge the strength of the masonry’s foundation. Monthly maintenance checks will help to seal up all cracks immediately. If not detected, they could develop into an expensive problem.


A common masonry term, spalling, is used when there is sudden damage to the structure. Spalling is when a brick falls out of the foundation. It will leave a gap and weaken the brickwork’s strength. There are two common causes for spalling to occur. First, water that has penetrated the masonry structure’s foundation. It will expand and loosen the mortar paste holding the bricks in place. Over time, the bricks will fall out and weaken the foundation. 

The other cause is the structural stresses generated by the ground. It is natural for all building structures to move before settling onto the earth’s surface. However, masonry structures are rigid and movement of this nature will promote cracking at the base of the foundation. If left untreated, spalling is a threat to the safety of others. The masonry structure could collapse and injure anyone sitting nearby. It is best to have an experienced masonry contractor realign the bricks back into place with mortar paste.

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Masonry structure repair is essential to keeping your property’s value high. Contact Above All Chimney & Masonry, masonry contractors in Philadelphia, PA, who specialize in repairing your brickwork. Our experience will ensure your masonry structure stands the test of time. Call and schedule an appointment today.