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How to Spot Chimney Leaks

Spotting a chimney leak early can save you from costly repairs down the line. Chimney leaks often start subtly but can lead to significant damage if unnoticed. Regular chimney inspections by certified technicians are crucial. A chimney cap, chimney crown, and chimney liner are common areas where leaks may originate.

How Often Should I Get Chimney Inspections?

When caring for your chimney, homeowners can fall into the less is more trap. They believe that if they don’t see an immediate issue with their chimney, everything is fine, and they don’t need to speak with an experienced chimney sweep. However, the longer you go between chimney inspections, the greater the chance of a […]

What Homeowners Need to Know About Chimneys

Understanding the intricacies of your chimney system is a critical aspect of home maintenance that many homeowners often overlook. Whether it’s the importance of a well-fitted chimney cap to protect against rain and small animals, recognizing the signs that your chimney needs an inspection or cleaning, or knowing the role of the flue liner in […]

How to Prevent Animals From Getting in Your Chimney

If you’ve ever sat around your fireplace and been surprised by unexpected animal noises or critters coming from your chimney, you know the experience can be alarming. It’s a situation that many homeowners don’t think can happen to them until they least expect it. If your chimney is susceptible to animal infestations, you need to […]

What Is the Best Time of Year for Chimney Cleaning?

A top down view of a residential chimney

As homeowners cozy up beside their fireplaces, the importance of maintaining a clean and safe chimney cannot be overstated. Scheduling your next chimney cleaning with Above All Chimney & Masonry ensures your fireplace’s safety, efficiency, and protects your home from potential hazards such as chimney fires and carbon monoxide buildup. Knowing when the best time […]

Why Does My Fireplace Smoke Up My House?

A roaring fire inside of a residential fireplace

Have you ever wondered, “Why does my fireplace smoke up my house?” This common question plagues many homeowners, especially during the colder months when a cozy fire is almost necessary. This phenomenon often points to underlying issues ranging from chimney draft problems, where airflow up the chimney is compromised, to more tangible obstructions, such as […]

5 Common Fireplace Malfunctions 

Many homeowners think of their fireplace as the center of the home. The warmth of a fire fills your home with a cozy peacefulness. A fireplace is flawless at transforming a room into a warm and inviting space. However, fireplaces can experience malfunctions. To keep your fireplace running smoothly and safely, there are five common […]

What Is Stone Pointing & What’s It Used For? 

Stone pointing is the term used to describe the finishing work involved with brick or stone masonry. It is about implementing or placing joints at a ten to 20-millimeter depth. Followed up by filling it with a greater quality of mortar in the desired form or shape. Stone shaping is an act performed when working […]

Benefits Of Regular Chimney Inspections

The number one reason to clean your chimney is to prevent a fire in your home. With frequent use, there becomes an accumulation of soot and creosote inside your chimney. Creosote is a tar-like residue that is dense, heavy, and oily, the byproduct that results when you burn wood. Scheduling regular chimney inspections in Montgomery County, […]

4 Questions to Ask Your Chimney Repair Company

When you need chimney repair, you need to hire a professional. There are several things that you need to ask to ensure that you get the right contractor. Finding the best company can take a little work, but it’s worthwhile in the end. A chimney that is not properly cared for can become a hazard, […]